7 Pillars of a Successful Major Gift Program

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Use this Non-Profit checklist to grade your accomplishment of these Seven Pillars needed for a successful major gift program.

Do you have the right caseload?

Are your donors qualified? Tiered? No more than 150 to one full-time MGO?

Have you set a Giving Goal for Each Donor?

Does each donor have a personal giving goal for the current year, based on past giving and current circumstances?

Do you have a plan for Cultivating Each Donor?

Have you personalized a schedule of personal touches, calls or visits for each donor in each month of the year?

Do you make regular, specific ASKS?

Does each donor get a specific request for a specific sum of money, to support a project or program that addresses his/her passions and interests?

Do you thank donors Quickly and Often?

Does a receipt go out immediately, and do you have personal thanks protocols for larger donors?

Do you regularly report back on the impact of Donors’ Gifts?

How do your donors know that their gifts helped to make the world better through your organization?

Do you love Accountability?

Are you willing to create specific plans with due dates, and work through that with others?

If you selected “HELP” for several of these items, help is available. Veritus Group offers MGO training, management and reporting that helps you get each of these pillars solidly in place.

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