At this time of year, you can give some of your donors a massive gift. If there are donors in your portfolio who have already made a gift this year, ASK them for another one before the end of the year.
It may just be the best gift your donors will ever get from you.
Think about it. You have a donor who is passionate about changing the world. Your non-profit has something that a donor could invest in to do just that. Why would you deny your donor another opportunity to feel joy and a sense of fulfillment, by not asking them to give?
If there’s one thing that Richard and I would like to wave a magic wand and change in the non-profit sector’s mindset, it would be this notion that all we are trying to do is get one gift a year from a major donor.
For some reason, our sector has settled for this as our expectation for our major donors. It makes no sense.
I mean, you have no problem asking a $25 donor for a gift multiple times a year in the mail, or asking them to give monthly – that’s 12 times a year they give! Why are you only asking a major donor once a year, then?
Richard and I believe it’s because you have to look a donor in the eyes and ask for that gift, rather than throwing something in the mail, with you feeling more detached from the process.
But I want to tell you this. If you really know your donor’s interests and passions, and you have something you know your donor would love to invest in, have the courage to ask again.
Try this right now. Take a look at all the donors in your portfolio who have made a gift this year. Which of those donors, if you presented something you know they would love, would have the ability to give another gift? Identify those donors, then create a little 90-day plan to ask for that second gift or even a third gift.
You’ll be amazed at the response.
The overall point is this. Please don’t assume that all donors want to do is make one gift to your non-profit. They will do more… but only if you ask. (Tweet it!) If you can turn off that little voice in your head that says, “I got their gift already, I’m done” and instead say, “If I’m really serving my donor, then I’ll present multiple opportunities that match their passions and interests for them to consider.”
Ask, and you will receive. Ask again and you’ll receive even more.
PS — If you’re still kind of hung up on the asking thing, look out for Richard’s next blog post introducing an incredible new model for you that can take away the fear of asking.