Today is Labor Day in the United States. It’s the unofficial end of summer, and a day to take a break and to rest and reflect on the work you’ve done this year. In fact, we hope you aren’t even reading this blog post today but are reading it on Tuesday morning.
Richard and I want to let you know that, even when there’s no pandemic, social unrest and a contentious election year, your work as a major gift fundraiser is one of the most difficult in the non-profit sector.
But in 2020, it’s almost too much.
You’ve endured working full time at home, working from makeshift workspaces made from kitchen tables and corners of your apartment. You juggled talking with donors and trying to understand your children’s math homework, not being able to see your donors face to face, trying to navigate working with your team remotely, learning new technology, facing layoffs, unemployment while looking for new positions, dealing with leadership that told you not to talk to donors, Zoom fatigue, days of elation followed by days of depression… and there are still four months left in 2020.
We don’t say this lightly. You are a hero.
The emotional toll your work always takes, it’s magnified 100 times this year. But you’re persevering as best you can. That’s because you hold two things very close to your heart: your mission and your donors.
It’s Richard’s and my belief that this is why you’ll come out of 2020 even stronger, becoming a more resilient and empathetic person than you already are.
While you have one of the toughest jobs, you also have one of the most rewarding jobs, because you get to wake up every morning and bring together a need with a donor who wants to help alleviate that need. In the process of doing that, you’re bringing joy to the donor and the world.
On behalf of Richard, Carter and our entire team at Veritus, Happy Labor Day – and thank you for making our world a better place to live.