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A New Book by Richard and Jeff!

A new book by Veritus’ Richard Perry and Jeff Schreifels.

Are you raising funds for a nonprofit, and you’re looking for something to take your work to the next level? Whether you’re a Major Gifts Officer, a nonprofit CEO, a board member or in management, you’ll want to read It’s Not JUST about the Money. By the authors of the award-winning Passionate Giving Blog, this 2015 release helps organizations create the culture and systems they need to engage donors for major gifts.

Well-respected fundraising writer and speaker Marc A. Pitman has this to say:

If you only get one fundraising book this year, make sure to get It’s Not (Just) About the Money! And get copies for each board member, each staff member (even non-“fundraising” staff), and each volunteer. This book is that good. I’ve been a fan of Richard Perry and Jeff Schreifels for years. I’m constantly talking about their methodology to my coaching clients and in my seminars. I love their ability to talk about love and joy in the same breath as rigorous metrics and data. You may already know that it takes both emotions and logic to run a successful major gifts program. But Richard and Jeff show you exactly how in this book. Just about every page is filled with both motivation and practical tasks to make changes in your organization. Whether you’re starting a fundraising program from scratch or are looking to retool a successful program, you’ll find the tools you need to fully fund your cause.

Listen to Richard Perry talk about the book…

Jeff Brooks, founder of Future Fundraising Now, had this to say:

A lot of major-donor programs founder because they’re treated like magic, not like a professional practice with knowledge and measurable goals. This book can help you turn around a program like that.

It can also turn a struggling organization that’s failing to connect with donors because they’ve made the whole conversation just about money – which is not motivating for donors of any amount.

If you have either of these problems – and we all do to some level – read It’s Not Just about the Money right away.

Available on for less than $15, this book will be an essential part of your fundraising toolkit.

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