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From Transactional to Relationship-Based Fundraising
April 27, 2022

You know you need to move your non-profit from a transactional model to relationship-based fundraising, but maybe you’re not sure where to start, or how to get everyone on board and fully invested in this change. That’s exactly the challenge that the American Cancer Society faced three years ago, when they decided it was time to adopt a new approach to major and mid-level gifts. Since then, fundraising revenue for these areas has doubled. How did they do it?!

Tune in to hear their story firsthand. This podcast episode features a replay of a webinar we hosted last month featuring special guest Ruth Ann Dailey, the Senior Vice President of Philanthropy at ACS.

We hope this conversation will inspire you to tackle whatever changes need to be made at your organization so that you can create more authentic relationships with donors, grow your revenue, and achieve your organization’s goals.

If you want to champion a change in your organization’s fundraising strategy, the first step we recommend is actually how ACS got started on their path: our free donor file assessment. There is no obligation to work with us when you do this assessment, but it will give you actionable information about the health of your donor file, problem areas, and your potential revenue over the next 5 years. Fill out the Free Donor Assessment here.

“I would say the game changer was the assessment of our data.”

  • Ruth Ann Dailey

Show Highlights: In this episode, you’ll learn about…

  • How Ruth Ann persuaded leadership to invest in a new approach, shifting from a more transactional model to relationship-based fundraising
  • Why ACS decided to bring on a partner to revamp their national fundraising strategy
  • How the team responded to a new, donor-centered strategy for major gifts and donor relations
  • How ACS was able to scale these changes at a national level for maximum impact
  • The value of building a mid-level program as a pipeline to major gifts
  • The strategies and process ACS put in place that led them to double their revenue for mid and major gifts
  • The impact of coaching and accountability on the team’s performance and staff retention rates

Veritus Group is passionate about partnering with you and your organization throughout your fundraising journey. We believe that the key to transformative fundraising is a disciplined system and structure, trusted accountability, persistence, and a bit of fun. We specialize in mid-level fundraising, major gifts, planned giving, developing compelling donor offers, and strategic leadership and organizational development. You can learn more about we can partner with you at www.VeritusGroup.com.

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