Transporting.“Did you take her right into the need? Right where the person lives – the person you are trying to help?” we asked the MGO. He couldn’t break through to show the donor how truly transformational her gift could be.
“No, she won’t go. She doesn’t seem interested in visiting any of the programs we have.” “But you can still take her,” we told him. “You can still take her with your words and pictures. You can transport her right into the scene!”
And then it becomes clear that taking the donor right into the scene – using words and pictures to replicate the experience of actually being there – is easier said than done. There are a lot of blocks, both internal and external to the MGO, to actually doing it. It can be difficult to cross the line from your comfortable place right into the hurt and pain of the need.
That’s why we’re sharing this document called “Transporting Your Donor to the Scene.” We at Veritus have first-hand experience in what happens when you take a donor there physically. We’ve also seen great examples of how to do it virtually, through stories and video.
When you do that right, it changes everything. Everything. Why? Because when donors can really experience the need in an immediate sense, it grabs their hearts in a most dramatic way. (Tweet it!)
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