CultureThe Sixth in a six-part series: Truth Bombs about Major Gifts

Here’s our last “truth bomb” to land in your lap. In addition to creating a culture of philanthropy at your organization, you also need to embrace a culture of major gifts.
It should be clear to you by now that major gifts (mid, major and planned giving) cannot be successful by just placing a body on it and telling them to start asking. While too many non-profits think that way, Richard and I are here to tell you, again, it won’t work.
The entire organization has to embrace a culture of philanthropy that includes major gifts and all that’s required to make it work. From our new book, It’s Not JUST About the Donor, here five main indicators you’ll see when a non-profit adopts a culture of major gifts:

  1. The organization invests in the culture — You pay MGOs well, you hire assistants, you have a solid infrastructure.
  2. Leadership is supportive — CEOs, EDs and the Board all understand how major gift fundraising works; they have the patience required for it, and they think long-term.
  3. They don’t rob Peter to pay Paul — Leaders don’t take money from one area of development (i.e. new donor acquisition) to invest in major gifts. They embrace the investment across the entire major gift pipeline.
  4. Everyone works together — Finance, program, leadership and development are all on the same page about how to support major donors.
  5. Donors are celebrated — The organization lifts their donors up. They recognize how important they are to serve and solve the mission. They view donors as just a much a part of their mission as the work they do every day to make the world a better place.

If you’re a leader or manager who is trying to build a major gift program at your organization, take all this to heart. In fact, take all of these truth bombs to heart. If you do, your major gift program and your staff will be successful. But more importantly, your donors will be cared for the way they should be.
PS — Read about all these Truth Bombs in our new book by clicking here!
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