Passionate Giving Blog
Richard and Jeff share their insights and tips on major gift fundraising three times a week.

Your blog posts are energizing and inspirational. Sometimes they are just the jolt of energy I need when I feel like things in my organization are getting a little too crazy and no one understands what major gifts fundraising is really about.

I read your sage advice and get that gentle reminder that it's not always me that's the crazy one in this office. Thank you! – Jane

With over 70 years of combined fundraising experience between them, Richard and Jeff have dedicated their lives to helping non-profits partner with donors to change the world. In their blog, they address:
What makes major gift officers successful in building relationships with donors and raising more money;
How non-profit managers and executives can foster a culture of philanthropy that attracts great MGOs and big donors alike;
Why some major gift programs fail – and how to avoid those pitfalls.

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