Why are nonprofits losing up to half of their planned gifts?
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Are your donors really year-end givers?

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Frequently Asked Questions
Here are  a few FAQs we get on this topic
Why do I need to track when my donors prefer to give? 
This information is so important so you can create the right plan and stay on track with your goals. Most gift officers don’t have a clear way to see if they’re behind on their goals, which can cause problems. By noting when your donor typically gives, you can connect and engage with the donor promptly and see if you need to realign. 
How should I track when my donors give? 
In our Donor Engagement Plan (DEP), we actually have goals cash-flowed throughout the year so you can clearly see the pattern and frequency of the donor’s giving. This allows you to immediately see if a gift hasn’t come in and shows your supervisor how much revenue is expected at different times of the year. 
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