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Fundraising works best when you create meaningful relationships with your donors to help them change the world through their giving. Fundraising programs accomplish this best when they have trained staff who qualify donors, make personalized plans and goals for those donors, and are held accountable for carrying out those plans.

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How will The Veritus Way impact your fundraising program?

“What I love about Veritus is that they blend analytics and metrics with a donor-centered approach that cares about the donor relationship and values retention, not just short-term successes.”
– Chaz Watson

Eastern Territory Executive Director of Development, The Salvation Army

Planning, Development and Management of Major Gift Programs

Our job is to train and manage major gift fundraising staff so they’re successful in creating authentic donor relationships that result in increasing – and sometimes transformational – gifts.


Mid-level Gift Management & Consulting

When donors out-grow your direct-response program, but they’re not yet ready for major gifts – what do you do? We help train and manage staff in this critical mid-level area.

Reduce Value Attrition & Increase Donor Retention

Donor Offer Development

One of the main reasons major gift programs struggle is that they don’t have compelling fundable offers with different dollar amounts for donor asks. We’ll help you create offers that resonate with your donors’ passions and interests.

Strategic Planning &
Organizational Development

Organizations are sometimes broken or dysfunctional, making effective fundraising impossible. We’ll help you discern the problem areas, and chart a path back to success.

Veritus Group Academy is your complete source for mid, major and planned gift fundraising training. In addition to choosing from our comprehensive menu of highly acclaimed online courses, you can take advantage of customized trainings, group coaching, and individual coaching.