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Enterprise Partnership

Working together to create a unified fundraising approach through customized training that will help you advance your mission, strengthen your pipeline, and increase net revenue.

Partnering With You to Achieve Your Mission

What Does It Mean to Be an Enterprise Partner?

Enterprise Partnership is the key to helping you get all your fundraisers on the same page, create a consistent language and culture throughout your organization, and implement a proven philosophy, system, and structure that will create buy-in and keep you focused on meeting the world’s greatest needs.


When you become an Enterprise Partner, we’ll work alongside you to:


Create buy-in across your organization


Identify key problem areas and develop a plan for addressing those


Facilitate large-scale change across different regions, chapters, and/or partner organizations


Provide ongoing training to your entire team of fundraisers that speaks directly to the needs of your organization

Learn More About How Enterprise Partnership Can Help You

What Does This Partnership Look Like?

Here’s how we approach Enterprise Partnership with you

Our goal is to create a partnership that meets the unique needs and culture of your organization. Depending on what is right for you, becoming an Enterprise Partner could include:


Comprehensive online training for mid-level, major gift, planned giving, and senior fundraising mangers and leaders


Comprehensive online training for front-line mid and major gift officers


Development of customized online and in-person trainings to apply learning to your particular culture and needs


Customized training module(s) that are combined with proven Veritus Group Academy online courses to bring consistent and regular training to your team


Leadership coaching and training, in-person or online


Individual consulting for specific chapters or partners who are interested in direct support for their organization

Once the right approach has been decided, here are the next steps we take:

Step 1: Pilot Group — Most groups start by sending a group of fundraising staff through an existing Academy course that seems most suited to the organization’s needs. The group provides regular feedback about the application of the course to your organizational needs and culture as well as what additional customization is needed.

Step 2: Customization — Based on the pilot group feedback, custom materials may be created (written or recorded) that address the specific needs and culture of your organization. These materials supplement the main course.

Step 3: Implementation — With a fee structure that meets your needs, Veritus Group Academy begins offering periodic instances of this customized course just to your organization’s staff, allowing peer group calls to become an internal support system to understand and apply the fundraising principles, tools, and strategies.

Step 4: Ongoing Partnership – We are committed to continuing to partner with your organization, and any chapter or partner organizations, in whatever way best supports your work. As part of our partnership, there may be interest in additional coaching, individual consulting, or other training experiences. This will be assessed in collaboration with the Enterprise Partner’s leadership to ensure we are meeting the needs of your team.

“United Way Worldwide teamed up with Veritus to deliver a customized and critical addition to our overall major gift training, designed specifically to enhance our network’s strategy within the broader framework of a comprehensive major gift effort. Veritus and the Major Gift Academy are fantastic to work with and their customer service is top-notch. The entire Veritus team jumped in to make the design and delivery as smooth as possible. Always willing to work around challenges/opportunities to ensure success for our participants. And it continues!  They are invested in the end result and have become true partners in our work committed to creating solutions by collaborating and brainstorming current challenges.

With over 298 network professionals participating so far, we find this training beneficial regardless of their level of experience, we have witnessed several UW’s sending multiple members of their staff to build a team that will run a ‘Best Practice’ Major Gifts program. Veritus delivers a structured, disciplined, and accountable fundraising framework with practical tools that can be implemented immediately into day-to-day work while blending the art of staying donor-centric with the science of metrics for future and continued growth.”

Jennifer L Gipp, Director, Major Giving & Tocqueville
United Way Worldwide


The Veritus Difference

We’re not your average consultants. At Veritus, you won’t find a bunch of opinions that lack research to back it up. We come from a data-driven approach with proven systems and structures that will help you create a successful mid-level, major gift, or planned giving program.

We walk with you through your training experience and provide a clear, step-by-step path for addressing your mid-level, major, or planned giving needs. By creating a system that’s designed to keep you focused and accountable, you’ll have a clear idea of how your fundraisers are performing, and you will keep your team centered on building authentic donor relationships.

We work with you to address problem areas and initiate change in a way that honors your team and internal partners and, most importantly, is sustainable and measurable. We believe that the right culture, internal partnerships, and systems are critical to be successful in fundraising. We’ll guide both you and other key individuals at your organization as you implement our system and structure (what we call “The Veritus Way”.)

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