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Veritus Group Academy is a one-stop source for courses for anyone involved in major gift, mid-level or planned giving fundraising for non-profits. We’re committed to supporting you throughout your journey, which is why we offer a wide range of on-demand courses designed to directly meet your budget, training, and timing needs.

Available On-Demand Courses

Making Effective Donor Asks

Are you ready to transform how you communicate with your donors and move past hesitation? Permission-Based Asking™ is a unique way to approach donor conversations that empowers the donor and equips you to stay aligned with them throughout your interaction. This ten-week-long course moves you past your fears and into active engagement with your donors. It teaches the important structure and planning needed to have effective donor conversations, ask for the gift, and build deeper relationships with your donors.

This course uses an innovative model called Permission-Based Asking™ as a path to successful conversations. You’ll learn how to use this model in any conversation including qualification calls, learning about the donor’s passions and interests, and asking for a gift.

Planned Giving Principles for Every Fundraiser’s Success

Planned giving has a reputation for being scary, hard, and something that no one other than the Planned Giving Officer needs to know about. The reality is that in order to truly build authentic partnerships with your donor, you need to have an understanding of planned giving and have a culture of collaboration between departments.

If you are a Planned Giving Officer, this course will share how we are shifting the narrative around planned giving and how you serve an important role in fulfilling your donors’ passions and interests outside of any legacy gifts.

And, if you’re a Major Gift Officer or Fundraising Leader, this course will give you valuable information on how to talk to your major donors about legacy gifts. You’ll also gain insight on how to collaborate with planned giving to better serve your donors.

Creating Meaningful Connections with Your Donors

Are you building meaningful relationships with your donors? Creating connections can be challenging if you don’t have the right structure to help you communicate in a purposeful way with your donors.

This course provides a thorough system and structure for creating individualized communication plans for your major donors. You’ll also learn different types of touch points you can use, both digital and traditional, to meaningfully engage with your donors by sharing things that speak to their interests and passions.

How to Start a Mid-Level Program

Do you know how many donors are moving into major gifts a year? It’s likely not as many as you could have. If you’re like most organizations, you have a clog in your pipeline that is causing donors to be stuck in mid-level.

Creating a mid-level program is one of the most productive strategies you can employ to strengthen your donor pipeline, move more donors into major gifts, and increase net revenue.

How to Start a Major Gifts Program

We firmly believe that the greatest source of revenue growth for non‐profits is going to come through improved management and execution of major gift strategies. Creating a successful major gifts program is so much more than just hiring a Major Gift Officer.

In this course, you’ll learn how to start your program including all the necessary steps to get your data right and develop a system and structure that will keep your fundraiser focused on caseload work – along with guidance on how to find and hire the right Major Gift Officer.