Question of the Month: Why do we recommend a mid-level caseload size of 500-700 donors?
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Question of the Month
Why do we recommend a mid-level caseload size of 500-700 donors?
In our experience working with mid-level officers over the years, we’ve found that a caseload size of 500-700 donors is what most people can comfortably manage while creating meaningful connections on a one-to-some level. Most of our fundraiser clients work with a mid-level caseload of around 600 donors.

Mid-level caseloads are larger than what we recommend for major gifts because it’s one-to-some instead of one-to-one communication, but it still requires a more personal, relational approach than a direct mail program. The exact size of your caseload may be smaller or larger than our 500-700 range, depending on things like what percentage of your time you spend on mid-level and the tools you have available to help manage and streamline your communications.

If you'd like to learn more about how to structure your mid-level program, be sure to check out our Certification Course in Mid-Level Fundraising.
Frequently Asked Questions
Here are a couple FAQs we get on this topic
What if I have multiple roles, and only half of my time is spent on mid-level?
If you’re not focused on mid-level exclusively, adjust your caseload size accordingly. So, if half your time is required on other areas, your caseload size could be something like 250-350. Or if you’re new to mid-level or just starting out your program, you might even start small and build as you go. You can always add people to your caseload as you learn more.
My caseload is much larger/smaller than what you recommend. How do I adjust it?
If you need to increase your caseload size, take a look at your threshold for mid-level. Say you’re defining mid-level as those who’ve given $1,000 or more. Try bringing that down to $750 or $500 and see how many more donors that pulls in. Or if your caseload is too large, you can select donors to remove based on who hasn’t given in a long while, who’s giving at lower levels, or for whom you don’t have good contact information.
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