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"Why Qualify Donors?
Learn how to qualify donors.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Here are a Few FAQs We Get a Lot
How many donors should I qualify?
Most full-time major gift officers can reasonably handle a caseload of no more than 150 major donors. This number may be smaller in some specialized situations.
How many donors do I start with?
If you're starting from scratch, you will need a pool of about 3 times the number of qualified donors you want to end up with. 2 of 3 donors will not respond to this personalize approach.
What about the others?
Donors who don't respond to your request for more personal interaction can still receive your org's normal solicitations and communications.
Where do I start?
If you've read the White Paper and you want more help, click here to get the Marketing Impact Chart, which is a great way to track your caseload before and after qualification.
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