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I’ve recently stumbled to the company blog and I can’t get enough. I’ve already referred several people to it also. Thanks to the team for “keeping it real” for major gifts and major gifts officers.

Lauren N.

You two are fabulous. I have learned so much from you and am constantly caught off guard by the feeling that you really know me and are writing these articles just for me. The last series on trust really hit home. 6 months ago I left a job after 15 years when I realized I did not have the same ethics as my new boss and that I would not be able to work with her. I could have been the development officer you wrote of in part #2. Tears and all. Reading your series made me realize that I had made the right decision. It was very comforting and helped me with closure. Thank you!

Cathy E.

Thank you for your terrific blog--it is very helpful to me in my work as a Director of Development.

Joanne H.

I absolutely love your blog, it is really helping me get further in my job and in my work, thank you so much for all that you do.


Your white papers are excellent, well written and invaluable as our organization is finally investing in some major gift officers. I've also heard your staff speak at AFP conferences. Your organization is superb.

Holly F.

“Veritus Group delivers what they promise. Instead of wandering around, trying to decide what my next move should be, I have the whole process laid out for me, a step at a time, specifically targeted for our group of donors.”

- Michael Andrews, Major Donor Officer / Atlantic City Rescue Mission

Jeff Schreifels – Senior Partner
Philadelphia, PA