How We Serve

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Our objective is to help your donors fulfill their passion and interests.  We work tirelessly to help you treat donors as real partners instead of sources of cash and align your organization’s goals with theirs.  The result is increased loyalty, higher levels of giving and a lot of joy and happiness.

apple-desk-office-technologyLeading Non-Profits work with us when:

• Starting or building a major gift program
• Learning to be a better major gift fundraiser
• Overcoming individual and organizational challenges
• Increasing donor retention and finding new major donors
• Building a culture of philanthropy in an organization.

Fundraising works best when a charity creates lasting partnerships with its donors to help them change the world through their giving. And major donor programs accomplish this best when they have trained staff who qualify donors, make individual plans and goals for those donors, and are held accountable for carrying out those plans.

Veritus is committed to helping you succeed in creating these productive, authentic relationships with donors. We provide you with daily nourishment and ideas on our blog; we offer valuable resources in our free Download Library; we co-manage your major gift program through our consulting services; and we build up the skills and knowledge of your MGOs and leaders in our Major Gift Academy.

What will help you most?

Leading Non-Profits use:

  • Our consulting services to bring structure and accountability to major donor and mid-level giving programs.
  • Major Gift Academy to provide individual online training for professional fundraisers and their managers.
  • Coaching and training services to help strengthen individual fundraisers’ and leaders’ specific areas of growth.

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