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VPs, Directors and Managers

Great leaders and managers are essential for fundraising success. Without your vision and guidance, a non-profit is a rudderless ship. Yet it’s difficult to fully manage and communicate with your fundraising team when you have so little time in the day.

How do you effectively manage frontline fundraisers…

With all the increasing demands on your time?

We know that most non-profit leaders and mangers are so busy they don’t have the time to spend the hours needed to give their fundraisers effective management. There is just not enough time in a day to do everything the way you really want to.

Why you need Veritus in your corner

At first, many directors and managers ask us, “Why do we need Veritus, when I’m managing my MGOs?” Well, to be honest, it’s because you can’t do it all. Most directors and mangers are so steeped in administrative duties, putting out fires and dealing with all other aspects of the development department, they just don’t have all the hours necessary for the mid-level, major gift or planned giving teams.

You see, we are only successful by making you successful. You can rest easy at night knowing that Veritus “has your back” and is working to provide your mid, major and planned gift officers with the management they need on a consistent basis.

We’ve got lots of ways to bolster you and your team

We also offer training courses for mid, major and planned gift fundraisers and program managers in our Veritus Group Academy. You can send your newer MLOs and MGOs to our Certification Course for Major Gift Fundraisers, and you will want to consider taking our management course. In fact, these courses are scheduled to run simultaneously. So you can take your courses at the same time and all be on the same page.

How we help non-profit
leaders and managers…

As your mid-level, major gift or planning giving consultant Veritus helps you:


Create a structure for your program


Review your data to discover what’s really going on


Devise a qualification process for individual portfolios


Set goals and build strategic plans for each donor


Manage fundraisers with weekly portfolio reviews


Provide your fundraisers accountability and focus


Help you vet and hire fundraisers


Assist in building strategic development plans


Give you mid, major and planned giving best practice strategy

CRecommended FREE Resource For YOUC

FREE White Paper

Hiring and Retaining Great Major Gift Officers

Non-profit leaders need to find major gift officers with the right skills and experience, but you also need someone with passion, someone that fits your organization, someone that will work independently but responds well to management direction. And once you find and train this great MGO, you need to keep them from running to greener pastures in a couple of years. This paper shows you how.

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