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Mid-level Gift Management & Consulting

When donors out-grow your direct-response program, but they’re not yet ready for major gifts – what do you do? We help train and manage staff in this critical mid-level area.

“Veritus Group was critical in assisting us to get a mid-level giving program up and running. Our mid-level officers are now building authentic relationships with close to 2,000 generous donors and providing them with the attention and service they deserve. Before this program, we were losing a large percentage of donors each year; now, each mid-level donor has a personal contact who cares about their passions and interests and shares the impact of their giving in meaningful ways. It’s making a huge difference as we build a more robust donor pipeline, which will undoubtedly increase our revenue and improve our donor retention. Most importantly, the Veritus model is predicated on being donor-centric. I could not be more pleased with the results!

Every single person I have come in contact with at Veritus has been phenomenal to work with. They are all relationship experts which translates super well into their work at all levels.”

Jeff Halbur

Former Director, Individual Giving , Greater Twin Cities United Way

Helping you develop your own mid-level program!

Consulting services to bring structure and accountability

When we talk to Major Gift Directors, they are always trying to figure out how to bring more qualified donors into major gift portfolios. And their colleagues in the direct-response or annual fund team know that they could be doing more than sending out mail appeals to donors who give more substantially, yet get treated like a $25 donor. If you look at the classic donor pyramid below, typically non-profits do a great job with low-giving donors and have a program for major donors. What they don’t have is a mid-level donor program that focuses on retention, revenue per donor, and moving more donors into major gifts.

Veritus has many years of experience developing mid-level programs by working with mid-level reps to cultivate and steward your donors. Mid-level is really about moving the donor from a one-to-many marketing experience to a more one-to-one experience. It’s not as intense as a major gift program, but through e-mail, personal notes and phone calls a mid-level rep can begin to form relationships with donors. Ultimately the mid-level relationship manager will be able to move qualified donors into major gift portfolios.

The entire goal of a mid-level program is to do three things: 1) Increase donor retention, 2) Increase the revenue per donor and 3) move as many qualified donors as we can into major gift portfolios. That’s it. But it takes work, focus and a strong strategic communication plan to make that happen. Veritus knows how.

Reduce Value Attrition & Increase Donor Retention

How we help…

As your mid-level consultant, Veritus helps you:


Set caseloads and establish goals for mid-level donors


Analyze multi-year donor retention to reveal attrition and potential


Create strategies for cultivation and stewardship


Monitor benchmarks for retention, increased giving, and referrals to Major Gifts


Manage in-house or out-sourced donor representatives


Produce goal-focused progress reports for management

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