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Our mission is to provide mid, major and planned giving management strategies and services to non-profit organizations worldwide that result in higher donor retention and value.

Get better results from your major gift fundraising


See how Veritus works with clients on a regular basis to produce solid increases in funding year over year. 

Veritus Group Academy


Are you in search of training that will inspire you, yet give you the tools to help you be the best in your daily work? You need Veritus Group Academy. VGA is far more than an online course – it’s your source for major gift fundraising training at all levels of your organization.




Reduce Value Attrition & Increase Donor Retention

What challenges do you face today?

Major gift fundraising is one of most important pursuits you can undertake. But it’s also one of the most challenging!


Are your donors leaving out the back door almost as quickly as they come in the front?


Are you wondering how to manage a major gift team, or even how to set one up for the first time?


Does the complexity of planned giving overwhelm – or even scare you?

Find the services YOU need.

Fundraising works best when you create lasting partnerships with your donors to help them change the world through their giving. Major donor programs accomplish this best when they have trained staff who qualify donors, make individual plans and goals for those donors, and are held accountable for carrying out those plans. You can engage with us in a variety of ways:

Mid and Major Gift Programs (Training, Planning and Management)

Our job is to help you create authentic donor relationships and make you successful in your work.

Donor Offer Development

What are you offering to donors that will inspire them to give transformative gifts? We help you develop compelling offers that is contained in your current budget.

Strategic Planning – Organizational Development

We can help you develop a long-term strategic plan and make sure your organization is functioning properly.

Customized Training Services

Our Customized Training solutions will give you the targeted training your team needs to help create consistent language, systems, and culture throughout your organization.

Some of the clients we have been privileged to serve

Veritus Group Academy

Training to help you build authentic donor relationships

Veritus Group Academy is your complete source for major gift fundraising training. In addition to choosing from our comprehensive menu of highly acclaimed online courses, you can take advantage of customized trainings, group coaching, and individual coaching.

Take your program to the next level

Veritus Group Academy’s courses are more than skills workshops; you will learn how to improve your entire non-profit’s approach to major donor fundraising.

Gain tools to use for years to come

Veritus Group’s tools for major gift work will be applicable in your work for your entire career.

Learn skills for your own professional development

Completion of Veritus Group Academy courses will be a significant addition to your resume and skill set.


See how our proven
practices make a difference

Are you making an impact on the lives of your donors and changing the world with your mission? You can do this by developing meaningful relationships with your donors and create or build a successful major gift program. We’ve helped dozens of non-profits do this… and the results are remarkable!

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What touches your donor’s
heart to motivate a gift?

When you discover a donor’s passions and interests, you tap into a deep well. You’ll find connections to programs and projects that make a real difference in the world – a difference that the donor cares about in a very specific way.

This FREE White Paper helps you discover these motivations and apply this knowledge to your practice of fundraising.

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News, Events and Featured Resources

Removing Obstacles to Major Gift Fundraising

Removing Obstacles to Major Gift Fundraising

In this paper, we’re sharing some of the most common and avoidable issues we’ve seen – not to embarrass anyone or make you feel bad, but to help you and your organization identify where you need to improve so you can grow and thrive.

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Do You Know the Hidden Potential in Your Donor File?

Do You Know the Hidden Potential in Your Donor File?

Over the past two decades, our team at Veritus has analyzed hundreds of different non-profits’ data files, and we see the same trends over and over again. While overall revenue may go up year-over-year, many donors give less over time (or go away altogether). But organizations are often unaware this is happening because the loss is covered up by gifts from new donors. 
For today’s episode, Theresa Tapocsi (Client Experience Leader and and Client Services Data Team Lead) and Amy Chapman (Director of Client Engagement) join Jeff for a conversation about the process and approach we take in our free Donor File Assessment. If you’re ready to uncover your organization’s hidden potential and identify opportunities for relational giving, tune in now!

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