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Mid-Level, Major Gift and Planned Giving Officer

Our mission is to help you create authentic donor relationships and make you successful in your work. And, when fundraising is done right, the result is more joy!

You have the toughest job in fundraising

Major gift fundraising is one of most important pursuits you can undertake. But it’s also one of the most challenging!

That “someone” you need is a partner like Veritus who can step in at any stage of your journey to help you develop authentic relationships of value.

At Veritus, we are all about helping you soar! When we work with your organization, we provide you with training, coaching, structure accountability and focus. We’ll sit down and help you to develop your portfolio, then work with you to create a goal and strategy for every one of your donors. Then, together we tier those donors based on their giving and potential. All to help you focus on just the right donors.

We talk with you every week. We give you strategy, coaching and encouragement so you can achieve your revenue goals.

If you’d rather learn from us online, we offer highly acclaimed courses through our Veritus Group Academy.

And if you need ongoing coaching after your course, we can provide that too.

How we help frontline fundraisers…

As your mid-level, major gift or planning giving consultant Veritus helps you:


Identify the donors who want a relationship


Discover donor passions and interests


Determine donor-preferred communication channels


Set goals and create plans for each donor


Meet weekly to train, coach, encourage


Keep you accountable to your goals


Track individual donor activity, performance, and retention


Compare key metrics against previous years’ numbers

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Cultivating Mid-Level Donors for Maximum Results

You know the value of mid-level donors. They give several times what general donors give in the course of a year, but you can’t afford to spend your major gift officers’ time cultivating them.

If you develop good relationships, many of these donors will become major donors – keeping that high-value program growing and healthy.

What is blocking that pipeline to building and expanding those major gift caseloads? Read this paper to discover the right way to unclog that pipeline.

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