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Major Gift Programs: Planning, Development & Management

Our job is to train and manage major gift fundraising staff so they’re successful in creating authentic donor relationships that result in increasing – and sometimes transformational – gifts.

Helping you find success – and joy – in your work!

Consulting services to bring structure and accountability

We know that being a major gift officer is one of the toughest jobs in our industry… and managing a major gift program is incredibly challenging. At Veritus, our job is to help YOU be successful. We help you structure your major gift program. We dive into the details with you so that you are working with qualified donors who have a revenue goal and a strategy attached to every donor on your portfolio.


Why do we say this is a winning formula?

Because we have a proven track record of success with our clients. When you work with Veritus, more donor relationships are built, revenue increases, and your job satisfaction goes way up! Just ask those who have worked with us to tell you their story.

Reduce Value Attrition & Increase Donor Retention

How we help…

As your major gift consultant Veritus helps you:


Identify donors who want a relationship


Discover donor passions and interests


Determine donor-preferred communication channels


Set goals and create plans for each donor


Meet weekly to train, coach, encourage


Keep you accountable to your goals


Track individual donor activity, performance, and retention


Compare key metrics against previous years’ numbers


Give you major giving best practice strategy

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Evaluating and Rewarding Major Gift Officer Performance

Good management is at the heart of good performance. When major gift officers have plans and goals that are worked out in advance with managers, and when communication is strong, the resulting team can produce powerful results. This paper helps you establish reasonable goals and rewards.