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Why "tier" donors in your major gift caseload?
Learn how to focus your time on the right donors.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Here are a Few FAQs We Get a Lot
What size tiers do I need?
This will depend on the makeup of your donors, but as a general rule, about 10% will be in Tier A, 30% in Tier B, and 60% in Tier C. Your tiers will vary from this by 5% or so.
Won't I end up ignoring most of my donors?
You'll need different strategies for each Tier of donors, and Tier C will be less extensively customized for each person. But you can still maintain a one-on-one relationship.
Shouldn't I treat everyone the same?
Everyone may be of equal personal worth, but some donors have more potential to make an impact on your cause and your organization. Your nonprofit expects you to make the most of your opportunities.
Where do I start?
If you've read the White Paper and you want more help, click here to learn about Touch Points, which will be the cornerstone of your plans for each tier. You'll connect with donors in different ways depending on their potential and inclination to give.
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