Making Effective Donor Asks

Are you ready to have meaningful conversations where the donor feels honored, respected, and heard through every step of the process? Well, we believe it takes a new way of looking at your relationship with donors, and a new permission-based asking model to help you through those donor interactions.

This course will walk you through our proven Permission-Based Asking™ model, which is designed to follow the flow of actual conversations and show you how to use it in everyday interactions with donors.



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What we’ll cover:

  • Learn a new model for asking for a gift that is based on permission-based conversations.
  • Understand why asking is important for both the nonprofit and the donor.
  • Learn how to identify your donor’s passions and interests to have more meaningful conversations.
  • Set the stage for asking the right things of the right donors.
  • Create a relationship based on trust with each donor on your caseload.
  • Learn ways to celebrate the donor regardless of their response to your ask.
  • Face your fears that block you from putting this into practice.
  • Practice asking for a gift as part of a permission-based conversation with your donor.

What you need to know:

  • This course is self-paced and allows you to interact in a multi-media learning experience (webinars, videos, podcasts, readings, and group calls) on your own schedule during the 10-week course period.
  • There are 4-modules in this course. You should estimate 3-5 hours of work per module. Each module does vary, so we recommend setting aside time each week to stay on top of your course work.
  • When you complete the course and submit your assignments, you’ll earn 17 CFRE Credits.
  • Our peer group discussion calls for this course are recommended, but not required. These calls are a time to be live with a Veritus expert and ask questions, seek guidance on implementation, and share ideas with your fellow participants. All calls are recorded and will be made available to participants within 24 hours.

Randy Street

Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano

“The Permission-Based Asking method makes so much sense and is a model for all relationships, office or otherwise. The course materials were great, and the assignments were helpful to keep me focused….


Marie Miller

St. Lawrence College

“l loved this course! Last Friday, I implemented their strategy of approaching a donor ask from the standpoint of the need first and it worked wonders. I had a donor solicitation meeting at 3:30 pm that day and came away with the gift…

Does any of this speak to you?

Q & A

You probably have some questions about how this course might apply to your situation. Read below for more useful information.

How is this different from other asking models?

The Permission-Based Asking model is designed to actually follow how real conversations happen. They aren’t linear, like most models, and so we’ve created a model that works for that. We’ve also created a model that isn’t just designed for asking for a gift. It’s created in a way where you can use it for any conversation you have with a donor.

What will I get out of this course?

You’ll learn a new model for asking for a gift that honors and empowers the donor through every step of the process and celebrates the difference they are making, regardless of their response to the ask. The new Permission Based Asking™ Model is a game-changer; it will give you the tools you’ve been looking for to have more meaningful conversations with your donors.

Is this course for me?

No matter if you are a new or seasoned DOD, MGO, Mid-level Officer, or anyone else who participates in your organization’s fundraising efforts directly with donors, you will benefit from this course. Why? Because it will give you a simple, powerful model to structure your conversations with donors to deepen their engagement and connection to your organization.

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“The course was fantastic; this method and process of asking really speaks to me and feels so much more natural. I will absolutely be implementing this method into all of our asks and cultivation practices.

The Integration Plan and the practice worksheet will be put to great use as I start back at the basics and build our major gift program into what it always should have been! Jeff and Richard’s teachings are insightful, thoughtful, and full of love. I finally feel at home in fundraising in how and what they teach.”

— Cara Gosse

Family Services of Northeast Wisconsin