Planned Giving Principles for Every Fundraiser’s Success

Download the Curriculum Guide


Download the Curriculum Guide

When you hear “planned giving,” do you tune out? Planned giving has a reputation for being scary, hard, and something that no one other than the Planned Giving Officer needs to know about. The reality is that in order to truly build authentic partnerships with your donor, you need to have an understanding of planned giving and have a culture of collaboration between departments.

If you are a Planned Giving Officer, this course will share how we are shifting the narrative around planned giving and how you serve an important role in fulfilling your donors’ passions and interests outside of any legacy gifts.

And, if you’re a Major Gift Officer or Fundraising Leader, this course will give you valuable information on how to talk to your major donors about legacy gifts. You’ll also gain insight on how to collaborate with planned giving to better serve your donors.

What we’ll cover:

  • Who needs to be involved in planned giving
  • What the problem in the current planned giving approach is
  • What the research is showing about planned giving
  • The role of planned giving in the donor pipeline
  • What we believe is The Veritus Way of planned giving and how this changes the approach to this program
  • The need for a culture of collaboration, and how planned giving and major gifts should be working together 
  • How MGOs can approach a donor about planned giving
  • How PGOs can work with the major gifts team to identify donors, make a successful planned giving ask, and support ongoing MG giving


What you need to know:

  • This course is self-paced and allows you to interact in a multi-media learning experience (video trainings, audio trainings, readings, and group calls) on your own schedule.
  • There are 2-modules in this course. You should estimate 3-5 hours of work per module.
  • Upon completion of all required assessments, you’ll earn 11 CFRE credits.
Q & A
Why should I choose this course?

Planned giving has a bad reputation for being hard and scary even though it’s not! Having an understanding of planned giving and how different fundraising departments should partner together in planned giving work will foster a culture of collaboration that will, ultimately, support authentic partnerships with donors.

This course is designed to work with your schedule. It is self-paced with rich content in a multi-media learning experience so you can interact with the material in different ways. We also give you application and integration opportunities throughout so you can start putting what you learn into action.

What do I get out of this course?

You’ll learn the Veritus approach to planned giving and how we believe this approach will help you and your organization develop the right strategies for the donor. We’ll also cover strategies and tools to help your major gifts and planned giving teams partner well and foster a culture of collaboration. (You’ll also come away with 11 CFRE credits, which is not bad!)

Is this course for me?

Everyone in your organization should know enough about planned giving to understand what to listen for and how it can be used to fulfill the donor’s passions and interests. Whether you are a Director of Development, MGO, or even a PGO, this course will shift your thinking about planned giving and give you tools to begin working together.