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The time is NOW
Now is the Time to Invest in Major Gifts
June 16, 2020

“You can’t be serious!”

This is the reaction Richard and Jeff get from many non-profit leaders when we tell them NOW is the time to start a major gift program.

Yes, even in the midst of uncertainty, your organization should either be starting or heavily investing in your current major gift program.

Why? Because this is where you’ll eventually see most of your NET revenue come from.

Need inspiration to do it? Well, in this podcast episode, our guest is Joyce MacDonald, the President and CEO of Greater Public Media. They’re the association for all PBS and NPR stations around the U.S.

Joyce has a great story of how she identified public media’s need to create a real major gift program and what she did to make it happen – and she’ll inspire you to do it yourself! It was no small feat, but Joyce is making it happen.