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Patrick Nugent
What is The Veritus Way?
October 6, 2020

You may be wondering what we mean when we say you really need to adopt “The Veritus Way” of major gift fundraising.

The Veritus Way is simply the structure we apply to major gift programs, all in the context of building authentic relationships with donors. That structure includes: working with no more than 150 qualified donors in a portfolio, tiering those donors, creating a cash-flowed revenue goal and strategic plan (which includes knowing the donor’s passions and interests and communication preferences) for every donor and having consistent weekly meetings with management to keep the MGO focused and accountable.

In this podcast Richard and Jeff talk to Patrick Nugent, Sr. Vice President of Individual and Organizational fundraising at Lyric Opera Company of Chicago. He has an incredible story that highlights how he’s used The Veritus Way in his career and at Lyric Opera, and what a difference it’s made for his organizations’ revenue.

You’ll love his story.