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You Can’t Have Major Gifts Without Donor Offers
August 24, 2021

You can have a mid or major gift program that is set up with the right structure, full caseloads of qualified donors, great ongoing management, but if you don’t have compelling offers for donors to invest in, you won’t be successful.In today’s podcast Jeff and Richard talk with guest, Theresa Tapocsi, who leads Veritus’ efforts helping non-profits complete our Donor Impact Portfolio (DIP). The Donor Impact Portfolio is designed to help non-profits take all their programs and projects that make up their mission, and match it up with the entire budget, including overhead, so that you know exactly what each of those programs and projects cost.

You’ll get all the details on how this works, some of the learnings we’ve had over the years, and hear what the results have been when a non-profit invests their time and resources in equipping their front-line fundraisers with compelling offers.