Question of the Month
"Why should I only have 150 donors in my MGO caseload?
How do I find the right 150?
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Frequently Asked Questions
Here are a Few FAQs We Get a Lot
How do I narrow the field?
If you have too many donors on your caseload, focus on those who respond well to you, who have the highest inclination and capacity to give.
I don't have time for a full caseload.
150 donors is the guide for a full-time major gift fundraiser. If you can dedicate 50% of your time to major gifts, aim for a caseload of 75.
Where do I find these donors?
Major donors are best found by cultivating people who are already giving to your organization. Cultivate those with inclination and capacity for greater gifts.
Do I treat all 150 the same?
No, within these 150 you need to tier your donors so you can prioritize your time. Check out our White Paper on Tiering Donors.
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