Do you REALLY know what your donors are doing?

Are your donors leaving out the back door almost as quickly as they come in the front? When they stay, are they giving as much as they used to?

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Are you suffering
from donor value attrition?

You may be losing more major gifts than you thought

Having conducted scores of these donor assessments over the years, we find a disturbing pattern…

While donor income may go up year-over-year, many donors give less (or go away) after their first year. In Scenario 1, you see income from all major donors. In Scenario 2, you see only the income from donors who gave in Year 1. The addition of new donors in Year 2 covered up a serious problem with donor retention.


Veritus Group provides a free, no-obligation analysis that uncovers this pattern that often goes unnoticed.
Donor Value Attrition Illustration

Veritus Group’s unique Donor Assessment will show you—at no cost—if donor attrition is a problem your organization’s donor file. Most organizations don’t even realize it’s happening to them!

We will help you determine:


Where existing donors are giving less


The rate at which you’re losing existing donor value


Where there is potential for a turnaround.