How to Use Permission-Based Asking™ with Donors

What’s the best way to ask for a gift from a donor?

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Asking is a regular part of a major gift fundraiser’s life – or at least it should be. Whether you’re ready to ask for “the big gift” or you’re just looking for a next step, you want the conversation to go well.

Many fundraisers tell us they’re really struggling to understand how to honor their donor in the process of asking. And they sincerely want to avoid manipulation or arm-twisting.

In this White Paper, we help you understand how to explore your donor’s interests and align yourself to them, then move the conversation forward toward a next step that feels right to everyone involved. 

What you’ll learn in this White Paper


Why it’s important to engage with donors in an explicitly permission-based method; and


How to explore topics with donors without being fearful or adversarial; and


When to ask, and when to celebrate the result.