Transforming Fundraising in the Non-Profit Health Care Sector

A Story of Extraordinary Impact from the American Cancer Society

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When the pandemic began, many organizations, like the American Cancer Society (ACS), were caught in a situation where they weren’t able to raise the funds they needed to support their mission. The strategies that had “worked well” in the past, like events, were suddenly not available. Thankfully, ACS had internal champions who knew they needed to shift their fundraising from a transactional giving mindset and create more balanced revenue streams.

When we began working together in 2019, ACS was raising $27.8 million in mid-level and major gifts revenue. By the end of 2022, that amount had blown past our initial projections and reached $72 million! Want to know the secret to their success? Download this FREE White Paper to learn all about it.


What you’ll learn in this White Paper


How the American Cancer Society was able to exceed their 5-year revenue projections for their mid-level and major gifts revenue


How to shift from an events-based fundraising approach to a more relational fundraising strategy


How to create buy-in for a new approach to fundraising