How to Start a Mid-Level Program

How to Start a Mid-Level Program

Without the proper set-up, your mid-level program will likely struggle as you on-ramp the program. Developing a mid-level program requires clear and strategic planning and coordination with key departments within your organization. While this takes work and time, it will be well-worth it once your program is up and running.

What we’ll cover:

  • The role and purpose of a mid-level program
  • Identifying how ready your organization is for a mid-level program and where do you need to focus
  • How to create your Business Protocols
  • The key tools and systems you need to implement to efficiently run your program, and how to use them
  • Getting your data right
  • Developing buy-in with your team
  • Your next steps for launching your program

What you need to know:

  • This course is self-paced and allows you to interact with the content on your own schedule. You’ll retain access to the course for 6-months and must complete the material during that time to earn the CFRE credits.
  • There is 1-module in this course. You should estimate 5-8 hours of course work.

  • When you complete the course and submit your assignments, you’ll earn 6 CFRE Credits.

Q & A
Why should I choose this course?

Without the right system and structure, your mid-level program will lack focus and struggle to meet expectations. This course will give you a focused training on the necessary set-up components you need to create a successful program.

What do I get out of this course?

You’ll learn the strategies and systems you need to develop buy-in, create a strong foundation from which your program can grow, and start building out the protocols you’ll need to establish a disciplined approach to your mid-level fundraising efforts.

When you finish the course, you’ll have a clear roadmap for your next steps and know how to set up your program for success.

Is this course for me?

This course is designed with fundraising leaders in mind who are looking to build a mid-level program at their organization. It would also be beneficial for any staff members who would be involved in this initial build process.