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Holt International

Two MGOs for 2,000 major donors wasn’t enough
Holt had thousands of passionate donors, child sponsors and adoptees. How could they manage relationships with only two development officers?
Holt International.
  1. Problem / Challenge


With 2,000 major donors and only two MGOs, more than 30% of donors were leaving each year.

  1. Solution

Working with Veritus Group, the organization added staff in both major gifts and mid-level, allowing deeper relationships to be built.

  1. Results

After one year, donor attrition fell by 12%. And during a pandemic, revenue in caseloads went up $700,000!

“Veritus Group has been foundational to our work in building a structure, discipline and culture of philanthropy both within our staff and within our growing major and mid-level donor base. Our relationship with Veritus is one mirrored by how we also, now, regularly and consistently build relationship with our portfolio donors.  While there is a system (“The Veritus Way”) it isn’t one that places itself before the donor, but instead is there to help us listen, respond, anticipate and appreciate them at every step.“

– Eric Mason

Chief Marketing & Development Officer, Holt International

Inside a Turnaround

What the Organization Needed

Holt helps strengthen vulnerable families, care for orphans, and find adoptive families for kids. They have a large group of donors who give regularly, but not enough staff to develop relationships with them.

With only two MGOs, there were nearly 2,000 donors not in caseloads who were giving at a major gift level annually, and thousands more in the mid-level range.  Without the proper attention, the value attrition was 30%-35% annually.

Our Recommendation

Veritus helped Holt to implement a stewardship protocol to ensure all donors – even Child Sponsors – who reached the major gift threshold were qualified to caseloads.  We ensured MGOs were focused on regions with the greatest number of donors.  After one year, there were still a large group of donors we wanted to try to connect with, leading Holt to hire a mid-level officer.

With Veritus’ guidance, MGOs learned to qualify caseload donors while also attempting to connect with and qualify other donors; to develop communication plans that focus on reporting impact to donors; and to ensure good communication between marketing, program and fundraising.

Because of you, Luli's heart is healed.

The Results


Program Support

Donors who had been giving only to child sponsorships became aware of Holt’s wider mission, and they began supporting those programs.


Lower Value Attrition

After one year, donor value attrition decreased by 12%.


Increased Giving

The average gift for assigned donors has increased 400%; they have exceeded the Veritus revenue projection by $500K.


Greater Public

Greater Public

Fundraising in public media has a long history of highly successful membership drives. But over recent years, the trend line for membership has been flattening, and it became clear that philanthropic giving remained underdeveloped. Together, Veritus Group and Greater Public set out to see if public media stations could shift from a membership mindset into a relationship fundraising model.

Pinky Swear Foundation

Pinky Swear Foundation

Despite open lines of communication between Program and Fundraising, Pinky Swear lacked an efficient and consistent way to leverage their data to really show donors what their specific gift would mean for the families served.

Lock Haven University

Lock Haven University

The university needed a strategy for developing long-term relationships with donors so that they didn’t depend solely on events for giving.