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Client Corner: Allison Rabbitt at Seattle Opera

continued from The Veritus Report, January 2020

... But now there was a lot more on her plate. Seattle Opera was in the middle of a $28.5 private fundraising campaign for its new building. And on top of that, she needed to raise $10.5 million more for the operating budget.

Finding a partner she could trust

“I needed someone to step in to help manage the MGOs,” she says. “I couldn’t replace myself quickly. And, I needed someone to help keep me accountable too.”

One of the MGOs on her team suggested she invite Veritus to come and help. Allison had followed our blog for years, and so it didn’t take much to convince her.

“Because I was a fan and needed help – it was great solution,” she says. “Veritus is doing an incredible job of keeping us focused on the hard, wonderful work of building and managing donor relationship … and delivering impact,” she says.”

Donor focus leads to transformational gift

She says she really appreciates her Veritus Client Experience Leader, Debi Dunham. 

“Debi has been a mentor, and coach” says Allison. “She has helped keep our sight high and our feet on the ground.”

Debi introduced the Seattle Opera team to the ground-breaking Veritus concept of Permission-Based Asking™, which Allison says helped her organization land its first seven-figure gift from an individual to the Annual Fund in almost a decade!

“That’s the thing about Veritus,” says Allison. “When you’re under pressure with things like cashflow issues, they help us stay focused and build authentic relationships aligned with the donors’ passions and interests.”

Where a culture of philanthropy thrives

From her unique vantage point, Debi notes that “Allison has done much to champion the Veritus Way and build a culture of philanthropy inside Seattle Opera.”

“When we have a success, we celebrate with everyone here because they all had a part in it,” says Allison. “They are all delivering impact to bring music and beauty and joy to the community. That culture of philanthropy is truly alive here!”

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