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Are you sitting at your desk right now, wondering if your major gift program is actually working?  Or maybe you know it’s foundering, but you’re not sure how to fix it? Whatever it is, Veritus can help.

Perhaps you are worried that your development department is not structured correctly, or you’re not sure if your team is doing a good job presenting inspiring offers to your donors to fund your great programs.  Maybe you are in need of some executive coaching, wanting to speak to someone that has been in your shoes and can give you inspiration and strategies to do a better job.

Module7PhotoWhatever it is, Veritus is here for you.  With our help, you get the benefit of years of experience from people who have been in your shoes.  We listen; we listen more… then we sit with you to help create a plan.  No, not a plan that sits gathering dust on a shelf like the ones you received from consultants, but a plan that actually gets executed.  One where accountability and focus is created, leading to overall success for every stakeholder that is involved.

How can we help YOU? Are you unsure about your major gift program? Let us provide you with a free organizational consultation to evaluate its strong and weak points. All we ask is that we also tell you how we could help.

Would you like to talk about your leadership? We will listen, then show you how Veritus can work with you and help you to be more successful as a top fundraiser and manager. Click here and we’ll get right back to you.

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How We Help CEOs & Executives

  • We provide strategic planning & direction for development programs.
  • We train CEOs and EDs who need to be involved with fundraising at the highest levels (through our upcoming MGA course).
  • We assist department managers who are torn between admin responsibilities and the day-to-day operational oversight they need to provide to MGOs.
  • We provide further structure & accountability to programs to make sure they get executed.
  • We help you develop strong major gift programs.
  • We provide you with ongoing executive coaching and transition plans.
  • We have developed a 5-module, on-line training program just for CEOs, Executive Directors and Managers.

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