Building a Thriving Fundraising Program: Peer Group Coaching Experience

We think you have the most important job in the world. (Seriously!) Being a fundraiser is transformative work and gives you a unique opportunity to make a difference in the world.

But… it’s hard. Especially if you’re doing it alone. And if you don’t have the right structure and system to support your work, you won’t have enough time to proactively manage your caseload or to build the right foundation for your fundraising program.

When you’re already managing so much, the last thing you need is to figure out how to establish and manage a thriving mid-level or major gifts program all by yourself.

Building a Thriving Fundraising Program is a peer group coaching experience that is designed from over a decade of experience working with non-profit organizations of all sizes and focuses. This program will give you clear, actionable strategies that will make you more successful and help you find greater joy in your work. In a small-group, peer-based coaching setting, you’ll be guided on how to create, structure, and approach your mid-level or major gifts programs. You will choose either the mid-level or major gifts pathway, which will include specific content oriented around each of these fundraising functions.

This program takes nine months to complete, and we chose that number intentionally. It’s designed to give you time to complete the training materials and put them into practice. When you complete this program, you’ll have:

  • A system and structure designed to support your success
  • The tools needed for ongoing accountability and buy-in from your leadership team
  • A community of other fundraising professionals who will be there to engage and encourage you

You don’t have to stay in a situation where you’re working 60 hours a week doing four different jobs with barely a moment to think about your caseload.

You can create a system that will strengthen your donor pipeline, help you build lasting and meaningful relationships, and drive more net revenue to your organization’s programs.

And best of all? When you do this, you’ll find greater joy and balance in your work. And when your cup is full, you’ll be better able to help your donors find joy in their giving.

In this program, you’ll complete the following:

  • Either our How to Start a Mid-Level Program or How to Start a Major Gifts Program, (depending on your pathway), followed by either the Certification Course in Mid-Level Fundraising or Certification Course for Major Gift Fundraisers.
  • Monthly small-group coaching sessions that are led by a Veritus coach and where you have focused time to engage with your peers.
  • Access to our best practice tools and resources that we use every day with our clients, including assessments to help you identify your top priorities and opportunities for you and your organization.

You’ll also have access to participate in a variety of live calls with the rest of our Veritus Community and be invited to join the Veritus Community Hub. These are not required, but are available to support your ongoing learning and implementation of The Veritus Way:

  • Bi-weekly Office Hours to have a dedicated time to work on your program, get access to your colleagues, and workshop projects with others.
  • Monthly Live Q&A calls to get your questions answered by Veritus coaches who can support you on specific topics.
  • Monthly Live Community Learning calls where a Veritus coach will train on a timely topic that will help you deepen your own implementation and understanding.
  • Access to our Community Hub where you can connect with thousands of fundraising professionals from around the world, join Discussion Spaces, participate in Affinity Groups, post on our Job Board, and so much more.


What to expect when you join:

  1. You’ll be assigned to a small group that is aligned with your pathway (either mid-level or major gifts). You’ll be in this small group through the entire program, and this will be your base for support and accountability in addition to the Veritus team.
  2. You’ll receive information related to your required program onboarding, so you feel well prepared and know what to expect.
  3. You’ll receive an invitation to join our Community Hub.

Is this program right for you?

This program is designed to support fundraising leaders and professionals who:

  • Haven’t already taken a Certification Course or worked with us as a client
  • Want more support and community in their learning experience
  • Need guidance on how to start a new program or restructure an existing program

The type of person who will be successful in this program is someone who:

  • Is open-minded and willing to explore new ways to approach fundraising
  • Is eager to be active in a small group and as part of a community of fundraising professionals
  • Is committed to doing the work, being held accountable, and holding others accountable

How does this differ from our other programs?

Am I able to talk to someone about this program?

Yes! Our team is available to assist with any questions you may have. Just contact us at and our Community Experience team will connect with you.

Why should I choose this program?

Community is becoming a critical piece for many fundraisers, especially those of us who work remotely. This program is designed with community at its core. It is also designed to give you a comprehensive learning experience that includes all the foundational building blocks you need to create protocols and cross-departmental understanding. You’ll gain an in-depth training of each piece of The Veritus Way so you can implement and integrate the system and structure into your daily work.


I’m worried about the time commitment. How will that work?

We’ve created this as a 9-month program to create space in the training for implementation at each stage. Our courses are structured to be self-paced so you can create a schedule that works for you. We will have a roadmap to ensure progress is being made and your small groups will also be a place of accountability and support to help you overcome any roadblocks.

What is my monthly commitment to this program?

Each month, you’ll be expected to attend your small group coaching session (2-hours) and make progress on your training materials. Your training focus will differ each month as you move through the program. In addition to these components, you’ll have the choice to join a variety of other live calls, Office Hours, and participate in the Community Hub for further group learning.

Choose the session that’s right for you.

The next session starts on June 26, 2023. Register now!

Single payment: $5,700
9 month payment plan available for $634 per month.

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June 26, 2023

Cost: $5,700 or $634 per month

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