Fundraising Master Classes

Do you look at your donor file or caseload and think there must be more potential there? Or are you feeling overwhelmed and uncertain of where to focus your time and energy? Or maybe you’re ready to level up your fundraising game?

There are a lot of fundraising programs out there that promise big things, but most lack the data to back up their approach and philosophy. Or they’re taught by people who don’t have any actual experience in that fundraising area.

Your time and budget aren’t things we take for granted. We believe you deserve a best-in-class training experience that leaves you feeling inspired, with a clear set of tools and resources for success, a structure for implementation to keep working your plan, and greater joy in your work.

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We don’t believe in magic formulas when it comes to fundraising, but investing in a relational fundraising approach may be the closest thing.

We have a system and structure that really works. We hear success stories every day. Just recently, we’ve heard about a mid-level donor who increased their giving from $5,000 to $50,000 and a major donor who made a $4.6 million commitment to fund a new program.

And we have the data to back up our approach. Just last year, our clients, on average, raised 7% more in mid-level revenue (compared to national declines of 3.9%) and raised 22% more in major gifts (compared to national declines of 4%).

Want to learn a data-proven system to increase revenue by investing in deeper partnerships with your donors? Sign up today!

We know that when you invest in mid-level and major gifts, the results are transformative and wide-spreading. You can see improvements in donor attrition, value attrition, revenue per donor, and revenue overall. That’s because, when you treat donors as a partner, focus on learning their passions and interests, and give them opportunities to give transformationally… they will.

Our Master Class will give you an expert training to help you better retain donors, increase revenue, and make a bigger impact on your mission.

    Even Olympic athletes have coaches, because they know the impact that a coach, and expert training, can make on their success. If you’re ready for advanced training from experts with decades of experience supporting fundraising professionals in reaching their goals, then you’re in the right place!

    When you sign up for a Master Class, you get:

    • Comprehensive training using our best-in-class Certification courses, additional coaching on key areas of implementation (plus a How to Start course for Major Gifts or Mid-Level in case you’re just getting started!)
    • An immediate invitation to join your Community Hub space where you’ll interact with your cohort and assigned Veritus experts
    • Twice-monthly peer coaching sessions facilitated by one of our expert coaches to discuss what you’re learning, get coaching on how to overcome obstacles, and share best practices
    • Access to our resource libraries

      And, if you want some extra coaching time, you can upgrade for that! For an additional $275 per month, you can get once-monthly coaching sessions with a Veritus coach. These sessions will run for the duration of the program.

      How do I know if this program is right for me?

      This is a high-impact program that will transform how you’re working with your major gifts or mid-level donors.

      We’re looking for people who are:

      • Open-minded
      • Eager to be actively engaged in a peer group
      • Committed to putting in the work
      • Welcoming of new ideas and approaches

      If you’re looking for an advanced training experience and a deeper level of learning, then this is the right program for you! (And if you’d like to talk to a member of our team to learn more, contact us at

      How does this differ from the Certification Course?

      Our best-selling Certification Courses provide comprehensive training on our data-proven system and structure. In the Master Class, you’ll go through these trainings, but in a more implementation-focused approach. The Master Class will run for 12-months, compared to 3-months, and each month will be dedicated to a specific module or topic area to help you be even more successful in your fundraising strategy. The Master Class will also provide access to a Veritus expert, includes participation in a peer group, and gives an enhanced level of accountability.

      I'm worried about the time commitment. How will that work?

      We know how busy you are and have designed this program with you in mind! The twice-monthly peer coaching sessions are required, but we will work with the cohort to ensure the time works for all participants. And we recognize that sometimes you may have a donor meeting that needs to take priority!

      Each month, you’ll be expected to attend your peer group sessions (1-hour each, 2 per month) and complete the required deliverables for each module. The total course work is 42 hours and participants are expected to review and complete the course materials on their own, and bring questions, learnings, and assignments to each group session. All dates and deliverables are communicated through the cohort schedule at the start of the program so you know exactly what to expect. In addition, you can join optional live training calls and participate more broadly in the Community Hub if desired.

      How does this differ from consulting?

      Our consulting services are designed for organizations with at least 3 full-time fundraisers who would be participating in coaching. This allows for the larger team to collaborate, learn together, and have dedicated support from an expert who is focused on supporting your organization’s fundraising goals.

      While you will still get expert coaching and support, it will be in a peer group setting and each participant will also rely on their cohort for feedback, idea sharing, and best practices. You can upgrade to receive monthly individual coaching as part of the Master Class, compared to the weekly coaching included in consulting.

      Choose the session that’s right for you.

      The next session starts on January 29, 2024. Register now!

      Single payment: $7,949
      12 month payment plan available for $665 per month.

      Enrollment is now open!

      January 29, 2024

      Cost: $7,949 or $665 per month

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