Customized Training

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Custom On-Site Trainings

A number of organizations are approaching training by sending their MGOs through some or all of an online course, then bringing in a custom on-site training to ensure that learning is integrated into their particular organizational needs. When you hire Veritus Group’s MGA team for an on-site training, you work with MGA staff to create and determine the outcomes of that on-site training.

This customized training may include:

  • Full-day or multi-day workshops with large-group trainings and small-group exercises.
  • Individual planning for implementation and integration into work plans and organizational strategy.
  • Pre- and Post-session readings and training media to learn at your own pace.

Training is led by an experienced Veritus Group member who tailors the experience to your needs.

Group Coaching

Major Gift Academy offers group phone and web-conference coaching where you and a number of your peers share learnings, answer questions, teach, and support the learning. An option to follow up from your on-line training and live calls is to set up a Live Video training. This will have similar outcomes to the custom on-site training.


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Director of Learning,
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