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Are your donors leaving out the back door almost as quick as they come in the front? When they stay, are they giving as much as they used to? How do you know?

Veritus Group’s unique Donor Attrition Analysis will show you – at no cost to you – if this is a problem for your organization’s donor file. Most organizations don’t even realize when it’s happening to them!

Having conducted scores of these analyses over the years, we find a disturbing pattern with most Major Donor programs: more than half of the best donors to the charity are simply going away undetected.  This reflects a lack of one-to-one cultivation and relationship management year over year.  Here’s an example of what we mean:

Organization X raised $11 million from major donors (giving $10,000+ each year) last year, and the previous year they raised $9.2 million.

Sounds great, right? That’s about a 20% increase in major gift income!

While the bottom line numbers above might seem really positive, when we take a look at what is really going on we find that gifts from new donors was $6.2 million, while giving from past major donors was down by $4.4 million (a 48% decline!). This is where we focus — on the current donor, not the actual overall revenue.  And when you focus on the donor and work to serve and satisfy them, the revenue goes up dramatically.

You see, if you can attract new donors while retaining current donors, your income will increase dramatically – and from donors you’re already in touch with.

Veritus Group provides a free, no-obligation analysis that uncovers this pattern that often goes unnoticed. Once we have conducted this analysis of your program, we will make strategic recommendations on what is needed to move your program forward and address this and other issues.

Should you choose to work with us, our first priority will be to develop an engagement plan with critical dates and expected outcomes plotted on a clear roadmap.  Our primary goal is to stop your major donors from leaving you while we delight you with our service. At the very least, let us look at your data and see where there are opportunities.

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