Major Gift Capabilities

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Major Gift Management & Consulting

Our job is to help you create authentic donor relationships and make you successful in your work. We know that being a major gift officer is one of the toughest jobs in our industry… and managing a major gift program is incredibly challenging.  At Veritus, our job is to help YOU be successful.   We help you structure your major gift program.  We dive into the details with you so that you are working with qualified donors who have a revenue goal and a strategy attached to every donor on your portfolio.


But we dont just stop there.  We work with you on a weekly basis to make sure you are working your plan, strategizing moves and staying focused on building relationships with your donors.  We know – by having worked with hundreds of major gift officers and development professionals over the years – that this is the best way to keep you accountable to the goals you set.


Major Donor Strategy:
Managing, Cultivating and Stewarding the Right Donors

mid-level-chartThis is what it’s all about folks. When Veritus starts working with you we make sure you have a solid structure in place, then help you manage the process. It’s a sure formula for success because you are now only talking with the donors who want a deeper relationship with you; and you have a coach, strategist and encourager talking to you every week, making sure you are staying on track.

Veritus helps you:


  • Create a qualification process to identify donors who want to relate to your organization.
  • Identify donor passions and interests and preferred communication media.
  • Set goals and create plans for each donor.
  • Meet weekly to train, coach, encourage and keep you accountable to your goals.
  • Track individual donor activity, performance and retention against previous year’s performance.

Why do we say this is a winning formula?

Because we have a proven track record of success with our clients. When you work with Veritus, more donor relationships are built, revenue increases and your job satisfaction goes way up! Just ask those that have worked with us to tell you their story.

Learn More About Value Attrition & Donor Assessment:

We can start on the journey with you by analyzing your data. To this end, we offer a FREE, no-obligation donor assessment. Your data will tell us a story. We want to get to know that story, look for opportunities for improvement and show you ways that Veritus can help you soar.

Allowing us to analyze your data will help us immediately show you areas for growth and new opportunities for enhanced cultivation and stewardship with your donors. Remember, this a free opportunity, and there is no obligation to work with us. We are confident that you will learn something new from our analysis and it’s our job to show you how Veritus can help – or you’re free to take the analysis and run with it.

Veritus ALSO helps you:

  • Analyze long-term donor retention and donor value attrition vs benchmarks.
  • Identify where new donor giving hides lost donor giving.
  • Analyze major donor economics: staff cost in relation to caseload value.
  • Identify mega donor opportunities, confluence of wealth overlay and current giving.
  • Analyze mid-level donor economics for adding cultivation and stewardship.
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