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MGA for Major Gift Officers

This foundational online course is an 8-module, 3-month plan to increase your understanding and skills for major gift fundraising. It is essential for major gift officers, development managers, and non-profit executives who are working with major donors. Click here to learn more.

Starting, managing and growing a major gift program takes time and a deep understanding of donor relationships, successful MGO practices and a management structure and environment that positively supports the program.

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Major Gift Academy isn’t just a course; it’s your source for major gift trainings of all types. Our most popular courses include:

  • Academy for Major Gift Fundraisers
  • Academy for Managers & Executives
  • Short Topical Courses
  • And much, much more.
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MGA for CEOs & Executives 

This course is designed to help CEOs and Executives create a “culture of philanthropy” within your organization. The key elements of the training are focused on:

  • Creating a positive, donor-centered management environment where major gift fundraising is supported by the whole team.
  • How to work with finance and program to create offers for donors that will secure transformational gifts.
  • Creating a program that collaborates with planned giving and capital campaigns in your organization vs. competing with them.
  • Hiring major gift officers (MGOs) with the right skills
  • Setting appropriate goals for each MGO
  • Evaluating and rewarding performance
  • Creating an expansion plan for major gifts that will secure more net revenue for your mission. This Academy will be offered in Spring 2017. Click here to learn more.

Topical Online Offerings

These shorter courses will cover specific topics that you want training for, in different times of the year or different phases of your career. Click here to learn more.

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Earn CFRE Credits

CFRE credits are available for most of these online courses. Click here to learn more.

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