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One of the biggest problems in major gifts is that organization systems and functions either do not exist or are not operating properly. The most common problems is MGOs having little or nothing to present to donors or the lack of a fundraising strategic plan or a broken and dysfunctional receipting and thank-you process. Perhaps your development department isn’t set up to be efficient and to use everyone’s skills and strengths, yet you’re not sure how to fix it.

One of the things we encounter in our major gifts work is an organizational context that is broken and dysfunctional.  Often, major gifts programs do not work because:

  • There is no program or finance information for donor offers. MGOs are left on their own to figure out what to present to donors in their ask.
  • The fundraising or development function is not organized properly.
  • There is no integrated strategic plan.
  • A manager or leader needs coaching on how to manage and lead – and how to relate to donors.
  • Institutional structures, like finance, I.T., receipting and operations, work against the fundraising effort, even if they don’t mean to.
  • Organizational leaders have misplaced or unreasonable expectations for major gift program goals.

Does any of this sound familiar? If so, request a free Organizational Consultation from Veritus. We’ll request information, schedule a time to talk, and explore with you some root causes of whatever troubles you’re facing.

Developing Donor Offers

We find that one of the reasons major gift programs struggle is that they don’t have good fundable offers, with different dollar amounts, for donor asks. Veritus offers a service to:

  • Package your entire organization’s budget into all the possible donor offers that represent your organization’s cause. Just doing this exercise alone will provide your MGOs, and other development functions like direct marketing, with all they need to be fully functional in their relationship to their donors
  • Ensure that MGOs match specific donor interests and passions for each donor on their caseload to the right program category;
  • Develop personalized Annual/Quarterly reports to report back to donors on the impact of their gifts.


Strategic Planning and Assessment

If appropriate, Veritus can propose a full assessment and planning process to help your development program get back on track. The result will be a complete, actionable plan with recommendations for effective changes to your organizational practice.

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