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Planned Giving Programs: Planning, Development & Management

Your long-term donors want to leave a legacy. Some of them have already created a planned gift but haven’t told you. We’ll help you find those hidden gifts, cultivate new ones, and maintain those relationships to retain the gifts.

Planned Giving doesn’t have to be complex or scary!

What does a healthy organizational culture look like?

With trillions of dollars transferring from one generation to another in the next few decades, planned gift options are an essential part of an ideal comprehensive major gift program. If you don’t offer planned giving options to  donors, you must put a planned giving program in place, not only to help your  good donors in the critical planning they must do in this area, but also to secure  additional funding.

By using The Veritus Way of Planned Giving, your non-profit can be sure of:

  1. Your mission includes donors
  2. Everyone embraces fundraising as essential
  3. Board members are biggest cheerleaders
  4. Mutual respect between “program” and “development”
  5. Donors trust the organization

As demographic and technological changes rapidly affect society, The Veritus Way of Planned Giving brings you the perfect intersection of new technology and personal relationship.


Reduce Value Attrition & Increase Donor Retention

How we help…

As your planned giving consultant Veritus helps you:


Clearly understand your current planned giving efforts


Devise a robust lead generation program


Get the right staff in the right positions


Set goals and create plans for each donor


Devise key performance metrics


Implement latest best practices


Manage PGOs for accountability to their goals


Keep you current on changes and trends


Give you planned giving best practice strategy

CRecommended FREE Resource For YOUC

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The Biggest Problems with Planned Giving
(and What to Do about them)

Donations through planned gifts are the deepest expression of donor commitment to your organization. In the midst of a great transfer of intergenerational wealth, most charities are unaware of the existing planned gift donors residing in their database. And when they are aware of them, they waste time with complicated appeals to unqualified donors.

This FREE White Paper will show you how to identify and overcome common problems and misconceptions that keep you from the revenue your donors want to give.