Planning Guide for Fall & Year-End Fundraising

When you start to see Pumpkin Spice on the menu, it’s time to start planning for year-end!

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Year-end is a busy time for every non-profit. (And every donor for that matter!) That’s why being intentional and focused on what to do throughout this season is so important. This guide will share key strategies for specific time periods in the fall fundraising cycle, offer creative ideas that our clients have found to be successful, and give you space to brainstorm how you can be strategic and impactful during this time of year.

Also, you may be wondering why the guide is themed around Pumpkin Spice and Peppermint Mocha seasons. While we are big fans of coffee (and tea), this is actually inspired by one of our favorite tips from a Veritus coach:

“When you start seeing Pumpkin Spice out in stores, it’s time to start your fall planning. By the time you get to Peppermint Mocha season, it’s time to transition to those final, end-of-year touch points.”

What you’ll learn in this White Paper


Tips on how to prioritize your time from September to December


Creative ideas for donor touch points that will stand out at year-end


Printable worksheets to help you plan out your action items