Major Gift Officers

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The MGO has the hardest job in fundraising. No doubt. You have to be everything to everybody. And because your job is so hard, you can use support, with someone to walk alongside of you.

That “someone” is a partner like Veritus that can step in at any stage of your journey to help you develop authentic relationships of value.

At Veritus, we are all about helping you soar! When we work with your organization, we provide you with training, coaching, structure, accountability and focus. We’ll sit down and help you to develop your portfolio, then work with you to create a goal and strategy for every one of your donors; then together we tier those donors based on their giving and potential. All to help you focus on just the right donors.

We talk with you every week. We give you strategy, coaching and encouragement so you can achieve your revenue goals.

If you’d rather learn from us online, we offer a Certification Course for Major Gift Fundraisers through our Major Gift Academy. And if you need ongoing coaching after that course, we can provide that.

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How We Help Major Gift Officers

  • We train and continue to coach.
  • We determine caseload selection criteria with focus on active donors vs. prospects
  • We help you set goals and build your caseload
  • We set and monitor your retention and donor attrition rates
  • We help you produce monthly management reports to show your progress.

Watch & Discover “Six Secrets to Becoming an Extraordinary Major Gift Officer”.

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