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Veritus Group Consulting Produces Solid Results

Veritus Group has worked with non-profit organizations for many years, designing and helping to manage major gift programs with hundreds of Major Gift Officers. We have seen substantial progress with most of them, especially in the area of value retention.

When we evaluate a non-profit’s major gift performance, we focus on two things: value retention (dollar value retained year over year from the same donors) and donor retention (number of donors who continue their giving year after year).

Donor retentionOver a ten-year period of tracking donor behavior, the value retention of most non-profits in the United States, Canada and Europe is in the 30-60% range, and donor retention is often worse.­ In fact, a study by Bloomerang  found that the average donor retention is 41% and has been dropping over the past five years.

This is a serious problem that has three root causes: (1) No real structure implemented for a major gift program (2) Poor treatment of donors from the thank you and gift acknowledgement process all the way through cultivation and stewardship, and (3) Not telling the donor that their gift made a difference.

The examples on this page highlight some of the work we’ve done with different organizations. Through implementing a structure, ongoing management and coaching, major gift officers retain 85-93% of the value from donors who are on their caseload and are properly managed, as evidenced by increased donations per year. This is a substantial increase in performance compared to overall trends in the nonprofit sector.

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