Are you a non-profit leader or manager who wants to know how to effectively lead your mid, major, or planned giving team? Or, are you someone who aspires to be a non-profit leader and you’re searching for knowledge on how major gift programs work? This book is for you.

Richard Perry and Jeff Schreifels, after writing their highly successful first book, It’s Not JUST About the Money, which helped thousands of non-profit’s launch their major gift programs have now written their second book, “It’s Not JUST About the Donor”, the ultimate leadership and management guide in how to lead a successful major gift program. This book has been called a manifesto on how leadership and management can support mid, major, and planned giving teams to successfully build authentic relationships with donors.

This book will inspire you to become the supportive leader and manager your staff need in order for them to be successful and it gives you all the tools to do it! Your soul will be uplifted while your brain will be filled with practical knowledge for how to lead your team and execute strategies that will lead to more NET revenue for your mission.