We’ve rounded up some of the latest and greatest content pieces from our team here at Veritus Group, just in case you missed it. Whether you’re looking for your next podcast episode to download or just some fresh inspiration for your work as a fundraiser, we’ve got you covered!

You (Yes, YOU) Can Talk Confidently About Planned Giving!

Podcast Episode – You (Yes, YOU) Can Talk Confidently About Planning Giving

If you’ve shied away from bringing up planned giving in your donor conversations… you’re not alone! Whether you’re a major gift officer, mid-level officer, executive director of your organization – many people feel some hesitation about bringing up a topic that touches on the donor’s death.

On this podcast episode, Jeff and Richard interview Robert Shafis, our Director of Planned Giving Services, to put some of those fears to rest and give you some tools and strategies to help you feel more confident about discussing planned giving.

Remember, at its core, planned giving is an incredible way for your donors to leave a legacy that will support your organization into the future. And it truly is accessible to anyone. Listen here.

How to Boost Your Relational Fundraising Efforts by Partnering with Direct Response

Webinar Replay – Partnering with Direct Response

We hosted a great webinar last week on how relational fundraising teams can partner with their colleagues in direct response to strengthen donor relationships and increase net revenue. Be sure to watch this replay for some great tips on how to build this partnership within your org.

Boards + Fundraising: How to Create a Thriving Partnership

Podcast Episode – Boards + Fundraising: How to Create a Thriving Partnership

Speaking of partnerships… have you been wondering how to get your board members more involved? If they’re not actively involved, it may be that expectations for their role are unclear.

Whether you’re seeking out new board members, or you’d like to see more participation from an existing board, this episode will give you some new perspective on how to support your board members so they can do more for your mission. Listen here.

Women’s Philanthropy Through the Inclusion, Equity and Diversity LensFeatured Blog – Women’s Philanthropy Through the Inclusion, Equity and Diversity Lens by Yolanda F. Johnson

The role of gender in philanthropy is often overlooked, and as a consequence, women donors are not giving to their potential. In this piece, Yolanda F. Johnson, a leader in the non-profit space and an expert in DEI for philanthropy, offers five DEI strategies for how we can think differently about women donors to create a space that is more welcoming and inclusive. Read it here.

“The work of inclusion cannot be completed holistically; it happens one person, one program, one conversation at a time.”– Yolanda F. Johnson

 What do major donors need to know in order to make a big gift?

Question of the Month What do major donors need to know in order to make a big gift?

What do your major donors really need to know before they’re ready to make a significant gift to your organization? The baseline requirement is that donors need to know they can trust you and your organization. They want to feel confident that you will use their contribution to make a tangible impact.

In this Question of the Month video, Jeff and Karen discuss the five things that donors really want to see from you before they commit to a major gift. Watch the video here.