Today we’re sharing some highlights from this past month that we hope will inspire you and encourage you in your work at this busy time of year. Take a read now, or save this page for later when your calendar opens up!


5 Things You Can Do in December to Raise More Money

With just a few weeks before the end of the year, is there anything else you can do to help raise more money for your mission?

In this webinar, you’ll learn five steps you can take in December to set yourself up for a successful year-end – and a great start to 2024. Things like thanking your donors promptly, celebrating their overall impact, reaching out to donors who are behind on giving, sending reminders about DAFs, IRA direct gifts, etc…. It’s not too late to incorporate these action items and more into your plan! And remember – at the end of the year, if you’ve worked your plan, that’s all you can do! Watch the replay here.

NEW Podcast Episode:

An Interview with the American Brain Foundation

When an anonymous check for $100,000 arrived at the American Brain Foundation, their fundraising team was blown away. The organization certainly wasn’t so large that this level of giving was typical. Who was this anonymous person, and what made them decide to give so generously?

In this episode, Jeff and Diana interview two members of the team at the American Brain Foundation (ABF) – Jane Ransom, Executive Director, and Lisa Dahlberg, Philanthropic Advisor – to learn how they responded to this unexpected gift. Their efforts to connect with this anonymous donor ultimately led to a multi-million-dollar commitment for ABF. Listen in to learn how a transformational gift like this is possible for your organization. Listen here.


How to Ask for a Larger Gift This Year

Have you asked your donors for an increase in their giving recently? Are you in the middle of preparing and making asks for year-end contributions, but are unsure how to approach the conversation? A lot of times, donors send in the same amount, year after year, because no one has ever asked them if they can do more. If you’re looking for a proven approach to help you ask for larger gifts while honoring your donor for their past contributions, check out this live training we hosted last month. Watch the replay here.

NEW Podcast Episode:

How to Meaningfully Transition a Donor Relationship

When you have a healthy donor pipeline, there will come a time when you need to transition a donor relationship to someone else. Whether the donor is moving from mid-level to a major gifts portfolio or from a higher level of giving back into mid-level or direct response, you need to have protocols in place so that the transition feels seamless to the donor.

In this podcast episode, Karen Kendrick leads a conversation with Diana Frazier, Senior Client Experience Leader, and Kara Ansotegui, Director of Client Engagement Services, to learn their top tips for how to meaningfully transition a donor relationship in a way that honors the donor and strengthens their connection to your organization. Listen here.

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Request a Free Donor File Assessment

How well are your mid-level and major gift programs performing? Do you know what your year-over-year donor value attrition rates are? Given your current program growth, do you know where you’ll be in five years? If you’re not sure, don’t worry! In our experience, most non-profit fundraisers, managers, and leaders can’t confidently answer these questions. That’s why we’ve developed our FREE and CONFIDENTIAL Donor Assessment. This comprehensive assessment will provide you with specific information around donor attrition rates, donor value attrition, program growth, and how many people you need to hire to grow effectively.

There’s absolutely no obligation to work with us, and you’ll learn the key steps you need to take for greater growth in 2024. Are you ready to get started? Head over here to request your FREE Donor Assessment today.


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