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A virtual coaching session

NEW Podcast Episode – Everyone Needs a Coach

Have you ever experienced the impact of a coach in your life? Maybe you had a great coach when you played sports or an instrument. Or perhaps you’ve worked with a life coach, spiritual advisor, or someone who’s an expert in a hobby of yours. How has that impacted you?

The role of a coach is somewhat different from a teacher or instructor. They’re not just lecturing or demonstrating. A coach takes a different approach. They see your strengths, and they work with you to hone your abilities and make tweaks to your process so you can improve. They help you see your own roadblocks and work with you to move past them.

Then they’re available to keep reminding you of what you’ve learned, guide you through solutions to overcome obstacles, work on creative ideas, and encourage you to keep going.

When you have this kind of support, it can be transformative to your work. But unfortunately, coaching is often not valued in the fundraising world. And this is having a detrimental impact on your ability to be successful as a fundraiser or fundraising leader.

This podcast episode is all about why we believe everyone needs a coach. With the right support, you can do even more for your mission. Listen here.

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Webinar Replay – LIVE Q&A: Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Ask About Fundraising

We had a great conversation with our community in this live Q&A session featuring Jeff Schreifels (Principal, Veritus Group) and Kara Ansotegui (Director of Client Services, Veritus Group). We hope this session inspires you to tackle any obstacles and find more joy in your work! Be sure to watch the replay for some great tips and strategies to help you approach some common fundraising challenges.

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NEW Podcast Episode – Major Gifts Is NOT a 9-5 Job

This topic is a controversial one. But stay with us for a minute! Any fundraiser’s primary objective is to connect with donors. And those donors are people with busy lives. They might only be available after 5pm, or only on weekends. They might be located internationally. For so many reasons, MGOs need to be flexible so they can meet when it’s convenient for the donor.

So, should MGOs also be expected to sit at a desk from 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday?

It seems like the answer would be obvious – it’s simply not sustainable for fundraisers to work all the time. Yet many organizations promote a culture that requires 40 hours in the office, at whatever cost, regardless of the many events and donor meetings the fundraiser attends outside those hours. This has got to change if organizations want to keep great fundraisers.

This podcast episode is all about creating the kind of environment that gives fundraisers the freedom they need to nurture their donor relationships without working 60+ hours every week. Listen here.

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Featured Blog – The Stories We Tell About Donor Phone Calls

Feeling discouraged after trying to connect with donors over the phone?

There are as many reasons as there are donors to explain why a call is left unanswered or unreturned. Rather than make up stories in our heads, which can lead to defeat, inactivity, or deflection, let’s work to overcome those obstacles.

In this blog post, Lisa shares tips for rewriting the story in your head so you can create more meaningful connections with your donors. Read it here.

Question of the Month What’s the best way to communicate with major donors who don't respond to your outreach, but they do keep giving?

Question of the Month What’s the best way to communicate with major donors who don’t respond to your outreach, but they do keep giving?

Do you have a donor like this on your caseload? They give every year, but they never respond to any outreach from your organization. They send a check, you reach out with a thank-you message, you follow up, and… crickets.

Should you keep sending them monthly touch points? Or is it time to take them off your caseload? In this Question of the Month video, Jeff and Karen share how you can determine your next steps for unresponsive donors. Watch the video here.


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